Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My new baby boy!!

Didnt even know I was expecting, did ya!!! Well now ya do!!! I m expecting a baby boy next week sometime.

To be completely honest I didnt even know I was expecting until yesterday!! LOL!! ;)

Here's my new baby boy!! He's only six weeks old & he will be flying in from OK., sometime next week. I cant even begin to tell you just how excited I really am. I ve been wanting another little dog for Chelsea, to eventually breed with her, for over a year now. Ive been looking around for just the right guy for her, & now Ive finally found him. He is expected to only weigh 3 & 1/2 lbs. by the time he is full grown. Chelsea weighs 4 & 1/2 lbs now & shes already 2 years old. She wont get any bigger then what she already is now.

These are the first pictures Ive seen of him. He soooo fricken CUTE!!!!!!!!

Now the only thing is, is I need a name for him. Any suggestions?

Take care everyone & thanks for all the help on the Tattoo. I know you can all help me pick him a name too. Hint Hint!!
Love always, MM XOXOXOXOXO

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tattoo photo!!

Before anyone comments on this, I want you to know I m not real happy with how high the Fairy is. But guess what, alittle too late for nit picking it now!! I honestly think it would have looked alot better alittle lower, but Oh Well. I still like it for the most part. The Fairy still needs to be finished with color. But, I wasnt going to make you all wait any longer to see a picture of it.

I got the Fairy last night 3/23/07 @7:pm & the Vine & Butterfly finished. The Vine & Butterfly was already done 3 & 1/2 weeks before, I just had him put white in it. You might not be able to see it very well, but the colors are Blue (on the inside), Pink (also on the inside) , Yellow (on the outside) , & White (on the tips of the upper wings). You also might not be able to see all the detail in the Fairies face, he did a good job on her, with how small she really is. I m not sure what colors I m going to do her wings, if anyone has an ideas please let me know?

A few weeks ago I got into an accident on the Freeway going to Stanford early morning. I was really pissed about it, but its nice to be getting some money. The Asshole who hit me was in the carpool lane @ 8:30 in the morning with just himself in the car. I m sure you all know the carpooling laws, so I was really mad about that as well. It was stop & go traffic as usual in the morning commute hours. But this lamass obviously didnt understand that & failed to stop. Well at least until he hit my bumper. FUCKER!! Anyways, long story short I went to an Insurance adjuster & got a good lump sum of money. When he handed me the check, I wasnt mad anymore, lol. Hell someone hit me again, I dont mind. LOL!! Anyways, heres a picture of the insurance adjuster checking out the damage on my car.

Take care everyone!! Love always, MM XOXOXOXOXO

Monday, March 19, 2007

Somebody isnt having a good day!!

I went up to lower colfax to see my Cousin, & I wasnt able to get thro. All because of this.......

Your not supposed to go over 45mph in the rain on such a small road, Dipshit!! I drove about a half hour, not be able to go the last 10mins. This guy had to stay in his car for about 4 hours, so they could shut off the electricity. Then it took them another 12 hours just to get all this off the road. UGH!! I did make it, I just had to take the longer way. I was pissed, but hey I m over it.

Not to much has been happening lately, Ive just been out of town alot. I get my tattoo finished sometime this week. I m not looking forward to the pain. But hey I got myself into this, NOW DIDNT I!! So expect a picture of it real soon!!

Also, I might be moving to Truckee sometime in the next few months. My brother Bubby works for an apartment complex, & hes offering me some work. So I m really thinking about taking him up on his offer. Id be making anywhere from $25 to $30 an hour, with my clothes on. So, I think it would be a nice career change. Not to mention, Its beautiful there when it snows. Its right by Tahoe, among other nice places. I ll make sure to let you all know what I plan on doing. I think Id be stupid, not to move there. I cant even begin to tell you how nice it really is there. The next time I go up I ll make sure & takes some photos for ya!! Take care everyone!! Love always, MM XOXO

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dillions Beach & My babys Birthday!!

Heres, Jacob, Skylar, Coty & myself on Dillions Beach last Sunday, the 4th of March. This was the first time Ive ever been there, & I have to tell you its BEAUTIFUL. We did alot of walking, so not only did I get tired but so did the boys.

You might not be able to see him or her, but its a sealion trying to catch a few crabs.

The Birthday Girl, partying it up @ the park on her B-day!! Her Birthday was March 11th! She is now 2 years old, but in Dog years that would be 14. So I guess its safe to say shes a teenager now, lol.

I had to kiss the Birthday Girl!! XXXX

Sorry, I dont have more to talk about, Ive been really busy. Ill share more later. Take care everyone!! Love always, MM XOXO