Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Picture of my new DOO!! At least the side view!!

Here's the side view!! I'm still trying to get someone to take a front view picture for me, its pretty hard when your taking the picture's yourself. All the one's I did take look like crap & all you can see is the flash. Ill post another photo as soon as I can get someone to take it for me.
Take care, MM XOXO

Monday, May 28, 2007

I n loving Memory of Ken

Ken Bennet, passed away this morning around 1:15 am. Thankfully, he wasn't alone!! His son Justin, his wife Janie, & his sister Gale were all in the room with him when he took his last breath.
Day before yesterday I sat in the room with him for awhile just talking to him. He wasn't coherent, but I do believe he heard me. He really suffered there at the end, but he just kept holding on. He was always a fighter!! I dont believe he was really ready to totally let go, because he was always so worried about his son's. He told his son Justin he feared not being able to go to heaven, because he felt as though he failed as a father. Two of his son's turned to drugs after their real mother passed away years ago. We were all just kids then, I think I was maybe 8 or 10 years old when I first met Justin. Their mother had passed a year or two before I actually met them. But they never really got away from the drug scene, even to this day. One of his son's is in prison for just that DRUGS. So he wasn't able to be there for his dad during his last few days. I told Justin he still has a chance to make his father proud of him & I do believe he will do just that. Sometimes when something like this happens people that use drugs, turn to drugs to numb their pain. But I m hoping & praying that he wont. I will do my best to keep him away from any & all drugs. I would hate to see him go down that path.

Ken, you will be remembered & I will do my best to help Justin, Janie, & Gale through all this.
You will be greatly missed! The neighborhood just wont be the same without you.

Love always & forever, MM XOXOXOXOXOX

Friday, May 25, 2007

I cut off my hair!!

Last week I chopped off all my hair, about six inches to be exact. I wanted to wait to post about this until I had a picture of something to show you what it looks like. But, Oh well, I wanted to post about it now. I also, lightened it a lot more then what it was. It looks really cute, but I m still getting used to it being so short. I ve never had it this short in my life, well that is until now. LOL!! I promise I ll be posting a picture of it as soon as I get a picture taken. I ll try to do it this weekend sometime.
Dont panic to much, because it was pretty long when I decided to cut it. Besides its only hair, & it does grow back!! It was funny, the day I got it done my youngest son walked up to me & said "wheres my mom"? Then he wouldn't stop staring at me & acted like he was going to pass out. Hes pretty cute & very dramatic!! I wonder where he gets that!! LOL!!

On the darker side of things one of my friends ( Justin) that I grew up with, his father is dying. This morning around 10:30 am his breathing has become labored & is taking his last breath's. He is a good man & one I came to know & love very much through out the years. He will be missed tremendously!!

Ken, may the Angels guide you & may they be as kind & loving to you as you have always been to everyone's heart you touched. I love you Ken & thank you for always being a father figure to me when I needed one the most.

Love always, MM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Medical Test.........

OK, NOW stare into the cats eye for 10 sec!!

Now Stare at the Puppies!!

Now Score Down!!

THANK YOU..........

Your Cat Scan & Lab tests are now complete!! ;)

That will be $1500, please!!

I thought this might put a smile on your face today!! I hope you all have a great day!!
Love always, MM XOXO

Sunday, May 13, 2007

To all the mothers out there!!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

My boobs!!

This last Friday May 11th, 2007 I went to see my plastic surgeon to see about getting them redone. "OKAY..... Don't act like you didn't already know I had fake boobs"!! Anyways, on with my story!! I wanted to get them redone for a few reason's which I ll explain more later in this post. I was also thinking about going just alittle bit bigger & changing to Silicone instead of saline. Besides its almost time to get them replaced anyways.
They usually only have a life span of about 10 years. Although, sometimes they have been known to last forever. But your playing a gamble!! After the first 10 years they are no longer covered by the Implant company's insurance. Ok I ll explain!! When you first get the implants the company who sales them gives you a 10 year insurance on them in case they break, leak, or just screw up somehow. But after those 10 years they are no longer covered, so if something happens after those 10 years, you have to pay the entire amount to get them fixed. One of the main reasons they aren't covered after 10 years is because they aren't meant to last after those 10 years. The chances of them breaking become about 80% & increases each year there after. OK........I m really starting to sound repetitive, sorry!!
Anyways, I have had mine for about 6 & 1/2 years. I ve wanted to get them redone because to me, they look off. I call them my sisters, but not my twins!! If you get what I m saying?!! So, I made an appointment with my Surgeon to see what he thinks I can do as far as redoing them & making them look better. Well, he thought I was crazy & told me he didn't want to mess them up by doing another surgery. He said they look great & that I was trippin!! He believes they look better then the last time he saw me, which was in 2002. He also said they felt more real then before. Before I left, he asked if he could take some photos. UGH!! Which of course I agreed!! I left there pissed & really upset!! I guess I might be to critical about myself, who knows. So long story short I m stuck with this pair for another 3 & 1/2 years. I still think they could look alot better, but that's just my opinion. Plus, I really don't like the fact that I have saline. It can become dangerous if they break. Not many woman realize, but mold can grow in the saline water after a few years while sitting in 97 degrees 24/7. If there is mold & it does break you can get Toxic Shock, Which can be deadly. I know, I know Silicone can be bad, but in my opinion its safer. Ive done some research!! If the saline breaks its 100% chance it goes all thro your body & with Silicone, chances are it wont go anywhere.
I m trying to get over the fact that I am stuck with them & I m really trying to like them more then I do. But, When I finally do get them redone Ill post before & after pictures so you can all see the difference. I m still working on getting them redone, so Ill keep you all posted!!

Take care!! Love always, MM XOXO

Thursday, May 10, 2007

WOW, How time flies!!

When I was 13 years old I fell in love with an older man Named Brian H. He was in the Air Force at the time I met him. When I met him, He was 8 years older then I was. I was 13 he was 21!! " Just doing the math for you"!! ;)
Anyways, long story almost short, my mother at the time was newly single & had moved in a woman roommate to help support the house we all lived in. The woman named Karen that moved in, eventually became engaged to a man who was active in the Air Force. So then after a while we started having parties, what my brother & I would call "The Air Force Parties". There would be hundreds or well close to a hundred hot men there at one time. ;) Ok.... I might be exaggerating just alittle!! My mother never really cared what my brother & I did at these parties. So as you can imagine my brother & I would always have friends come over & we would almost always be drunk or stoned which ever was there first. Anyways, on with story!! One night at one of these parties I met Brian & instantly became attracted to him. But the sad story was he was to old & I was too young. Not to mention he was scheduled to be stationed elsewhere within the week. As you could imagine being 13 years old I was completely heart broken. We did manage to stay in touch through mail & phone calls. But after a few years we lost contact. When I was 24 years old I managed to find him still active in the Air Force, stationed in Turkey. We then lost contact a few months later. That was about 10 years ago today!!
Just yesterday I found him, out of pure luck!! I had heard he died in the War this last year. So I was eager to find him, to see if he was ok. He is in fact alive & well, BTW!! He was pretty amazed that I found him. But, I never did tell him how I really found him. I was surfing the www, day before yesterday & somehow I got on to this website with video weddings. I came across his name & it showed his wedding from last year. Then for some weird reason it also showed his mailing address & phone number. ODD huh? I thought soo!! Anyways, I called him yesterday & he told me he has been trying to find me for years now & just recently gave up right before he got married. Crazy how things work in life!!
Now, although we are old enough to date each other, he is now a happily married man. My feelings for him have never changed, even today he still has a place in my heart. But some things in life just aren't meant to be. I don't plan on ever losing contact with him again. Well that is, unless his wife has some thing to say about it. But for now, we will remain friends forever!!

I just wanted to share this story with all of you!! Take care!! Love, MM XOXO

Monday, May 07, 2007

Rainbows, Puppy Dogs, & Pussy Cats!!

Yes, I know your all sick of Rainbows, Puppy Dogs, & Pussy Cats!! So..... here S' more for ya to look at!! ;)

This is the other picture I took with my cell phone!! Pretty cool, HUH!!

I couldnt help but post this picture of the two little love birds!! Pretty CUTE!!

This is what happens when your Cat eats tooth floss!!

Take care everyone!! Love always, MM XOXO

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Jacob!!!!! :)

He's the big 1o!! Happy Birthday Jake!!

My week has totally sucked ass by the way!! Thanks for asking!!
Lilo is in the hospital getting her stomach cut open. Stupid me, I threw away my tooth floss in the garbage. When I left the house she ate it!! She has been really sick since last Wednesday. I first took her in last Friday & they took X-rays & all that stuff. Then they call me to tell me its a piece of string & she needs surgery because her intestines are all messed up now. I brought her home Saturday to take care of her while the Vet got a second opinion. I had to give her IV fluids & meds to keep her from throwing up everything she ate. Poor girl has lost so much weight because of all this. All because she couldn't help but be a dumpster diver. I knew she liked tooth floss, but damit I had no idea she would go in the garbage behind my back to munch out on it. She is quit the talented pussy cat.
WELL, I hope all you have learned something out of all this, "not to throw away things in the garbage" because your cat might just cost you almost $2000. 00 to get them fixed. I hope my pain will save all of you in the future. DAMIT!!

If I look tired, its because I am!! I m rather exhausted from taking care of Lilo all weekend. Besides that look at the blue eyes on this guy, WTF? When I m sleeping does he turn into a monster or something? This picture is just a wee bit scary to me!! Well wouldn't you be, if your dog transformed when he or she was on you while you were sleeping? HELLO, Scary!!

Take care!! Love always, MM XOXO