Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Sister!!

Yesterday, I saw my older sister for the first time in years. I think the last time I saw her I was 17 or 18 years old. My Dad called me yesterday & asked me over for dinner, & told me my sister was in town. She lives in Arkansas & she will be here for a week, for Thanksgiving. When I saw her for the first time last night, I was so excited. When I got to the door she answered the door & we hugged for a good minute. She is so beautiful inside & out!! We had a wonderful dinner together, it was almost like we hadnt ever been out of touch. I was so mad though because I still dont have batteries for my camera. AS soon as I get my check Ill be getting them right away. I will be seeing her again before she leaves, & I plan on taking tons of photos. I cant wait for everyone to see just how beautiful she really is.

Love always, MM XOXO

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Yesterday, I went to court, I didnt have time before this to post about it. But it went very well, in my favor. I was taking Coty's father back to court to finally get him to start paying me child support. I had an existing order already in place since 1996, when I had filled for Divorce from him. He was ordered to pay $222 a month, support for Coty. He was also supposed to have him on the weekends. Well as soon as court was over he quit his job & started working under the table. So you can imagine just how much he owes me in back support. Not to mention he stopped trying to visit with Coty.

So as soon as I heard he was hired on to a job in November of last year, I filled to get it increased. AS soon as he heard he was being taken back to court, he decided it was time to quit & start working under the table again, in hopes of the court would drop his support. Well it didnt happen the way he wanted it too, ;).

The Judge saw that he was very delinquent on his support & raised it to $429 a month & ordered him to find work & come back in January. If he still hadnt found work by then, he was to show he had put in at least 10 applications every two weeks. LOL!! Its about time he became a man & helped me support our son. Also, he was showing to have a settlement in the works & it was all order to pay back all his past support. :)

He tried to say I was doing welfare fraud, lol, the lady laughed & said she is not on aid. He also try to say I was still living with my Ex. When in fact I am not!! The lady again lend over & said it doesnt matter, because if she was in fact married they still dont count her husbands earnings, only mine. Then he tried to say he has Coty 50% of the time, lol. Again, I showed proof that he hasnt even come to see him in months. So he was pissed by the time court was over, he didnt even say good bye to Coty or me, lol. I was nice enough to say he had him 18% of the time when infact he doesnt. So Oh well, justice was served yesterday. WOOOOWHOOOO!! Its about time!!

Also, I m waiting on getting batteries for my camera, so I can take some pictures of my new DO.
I should have them up no later then next month. Thanks for being patient!!

Take care everyone & I hope all is well!! Love always, MM XOXO

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A new me!!

On Thursday Nov. 9th, I dyed my hair a dark auburn. I cant wash my hair until tomorrow ( Sunday Nov.12th), so I wont be posting any pictures until I am able to wash & style my hair. ;)

So stay tuned to see the new me!! :)

So far, I hate how dark it is, but the lady said it will fad slightly after the first washing. Right now it looks a lot like Eva Longoria on Desperate housewives.

My natural color is black, although when I was little I was blonde, go figure!!

Yesterday, I also got my nails done a dark auburn as well, so its looks pretty cute. Youll all see it soon!! Until then............Take care everyone!!

Love always, MM XOXO ;)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I m back!!

Well yesterday almost seemed like a waisted trip, nothing they couldnt have told me over the phone.
They said I wont have to be coming back, they will be writing to my family Doctor in Carmichael, letting him know how to treat me. They did everything they were supposed to do for me, & that was find out what I had. Ive been diagnosed & I m clear to go!! They did say if I wanted to come back I could. NO THANKS, the driving isnt something I want to do anymore.

But now I have to go back & forth to see this new Opt. - nero Doctor in December. I hate the drive, so I wish they could send me some where a lot closer. Dont get me wrong I m very grateful for them & everything they've helped find out, but its very expensive to keep going back & forth.

Plus it felt like I was driving all day yesterday. For the first time I managed to hit all the traffic coming back. It started in San Francisco all the way home. I left Stanford at 3:15 & didnt get home until 8:pm. So that should tell you how bad the traffic was coming back. Thankfully, I came back just in time not to have to pay the toll for the bridge, so that was nice. A few times I was a little worried, because my car started heating up when it was stop & go traffic. But thankfully I made it home without anything bad happening. I think its time I get a new car!! ;)

Other then that, all is well, Ive been busy trying to get ready for the holidays. Which I m sure most of you are doing as well. Thanksgiving & Christmas, are my favorite times of the year.

I wish everyone well & thank you all for your on going support through out all this. Thanks for always being there for me & wishing me well. Youve all been a great support for me, & I have no idea how I could ever repay any of you. I have a lot of thanks & love in my heart for each & everyone of you. THANK YOU!!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I m off to Stanford once again!!

Sorry its been awhile, a lot has been going on lately. I havent had anytime to post or check anyones blog. Sorry!!

Today, I will be going to Stanford again, I m leaving at 11am. I ll make sure & post everything they say as soon as I get back. Hopefully, I get some good news this time!! :) Yesterday, I had to get my car fixed, which costed me $258.00, that I dont have. But I need to be able to drive my car to Stanford. Its about a 2 1/2 hour drive for me, so I really dont need to break down anywhere. Wish me lots of luck, please..............!!

Take care everyone!! Love always, MM XOXOXOXOXO

BTW: Thank you BBC, your such a sweetheart ;) XOXO

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My little trick or treaters!! :)

The boys had a lot of fun last night & got tons of candy. I didnt see many kids out last night, I m really wondering if Halloween is starting to change so drastically, that in the next few years, if there will be any more trick or treating. Some people look at it as a pagan holiday so things are really starting to change these days. I dont believe it to be pagan holiday, I see it as a day to dress up, have fun, & meet all your neighbors. But, thats just me!!

I hope everyone had an awesome night & take care!! Love always, MM XOXO