Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Tattoo!!

Let me first say this, I F---en hate how this new set-up is on Blogger. I didnt want to update it, so they eventually made me do it. Which I m pissed about!!

ALSO, Sorry I havent been online much, Ive been doing alot these past few months trying to improve somethings in my life.

Friday @ 7:pm I went & got a tattoo on my left ankle. Heres some photos of the event. The pictures where taken with a cell phone thats why they are soooooo small.

Heres my ankle being tattoed on, I m sure you could already see that, lol.

Heres my pain face!!

If your wondering if it hurt, HELL........ YES IT DID. I was white nuckling it & squizzing the shit out of someones hand. LOL!!

I dont have a picture of the tattoo yet, but I will. I need to change a few things & then Ill post a picture of it.

Take care everyone & I hope everyone is doing awesome!! Take care!! Love always, MM XOXO

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Painted Cats