Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OOHH Christmas Tree......

I thought Id show everyone our Christmas Tree, with the cat guard, lol. Since Bugger AKA Ciggy destroys everything while we are sleeping. For the first two days we would all wake to find the Christmas Tree demolished, so the Cat guard needed to be put up. The kids put the tree together & I added the butterflies, (I love stuff like that, if you havent already noticed in past photos.) ;) & YES that is a new TV, NICE HUH!!

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas this year. I would love too see everyones Christmas Tree if your up to posting pictures of it. PPPPretty PPPPlease? :)

Take care everyone!! Love always, MM XOXO

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Brother & me.......

Sorry, Ive been MIA for so long, Ive been recovering from a cold. But before I got a cold, I was so over joyed when I got to see my Brother for the first time in years. I think its been two years since the last time I saw him or heard from him. But it wasnt his fault, it was my own. I has said something I shouldnt have, & he was rightfully upset. But all in all this Thanksgiving was AWESOME. I didnt get a chance to see my Sister again before she left, or get a chance to get batteries in time, I was alittle bummed about that. But thankfully my Brother had a camera on him. I just need to ask him before I post any of them.

Here's a photo of me & my Brother when we were younger. I had to take a picture of a picture since I dont yet have a scanner. I m not sure what our ages are in this picture!! But Ive had this picture for years, thats why it looks like a mess. I m planning on getting it fixed as soon as possible. Yes, I do have batteries now, but No, I m not taking any photos until I no longer look like the walking dead. :)

Here's a photo Ashman (Scott) requested back when I had black hair. I was 21 years old in this picture, & once again this is a picture of a picture. Again, No scanner yet!! Yes, my hair was 80's freak fashion!! :( Please dont laugh!!

I do hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, & I do hope that everyone had as much happiness, as I did. Words cant describe how Awesome it really was!! Christmas, is on its way, I hope its a good one for everyone. DO take care!! Love always, MM XOXOXOXO

Dear Brother, I love you very much, & thank you. It was so good seeing you again & I wish you all the best forever & ever. You are so blessed with a wonderful loving, caring, & giving wife, take care of her my brother. I hope to see you all one day soon. I LOVE YOU BOTH!! Love always your sis, Renah XOXO